Saturday, 27 January 2007

Skyshow 07

We still managed to get into Perth to see the Skyshow - made it with 5 minutes to the start, and then left and took an hour to get out of the city due to the heaps of traffic. But it was still 38 degrees at 9PM, the sun went down the fireworks started and it was a good show. Even the usual yobbos seemed to be a touch more admiring and much less arseholes than on other nights. And the fireworks were awesome. The finale thundered, and then as we left the barges on the river (five of them this year, I remember when we were hard pressed to have two) kept disgorging more and more little bursts of fireworks, maybe another 15 - 20 minutes' worth of low-key pyrotechnics. We'd already started back for the car so kept going and during the whole 20 minutes it took to get out of the carpark (!!!) there were more and more little shows from the river.

Little amusing touches - a bunch of LOUD little Japanese people, two girls trying to take pictures around us so I pointed to the spot in front of me and Trish sort of looked like WTF - I said "Hell I can look over them they are the magic height!" and she didn't get it but their Japanese token male did - he looked at the other two girls near him to see if they'd heard it and looked a bit shocked at first and then this grin spread across his face as he got it...

At one stage there was an excellent fusillade from the barges with almost perfectly spaced bursts and the aforementioned yobbos must have been walking past because in a perfect Aussie inflection I heard "FARK yeah!" from behind me... And some drunk guy yelling "I L O V E you!" to no-one and everyone.

Didn't take a camera as the digitals have such bad shutter lag and two years ago I gave them up after that Skyshow. This year they had a couple of powerful lasers too and put on a lame but better than nothing show, I thought they could have made much better use of them.

So another celebration of being Aussie (other than beating the Poms at cricket) has slipped into memory and once again I loved every moment of the evening.

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