Tuesday, 16 January 2007

It's All About Yu

Christmas Night, we went out for dinner. Having a partner whose family is all grown up helps. No putting on a lunch for thousands, no hassles. Trish went to one of her kids' for lunch, I called my family members and chatted to them for a while, and we booked a table at Yu asian restaurant at Burswood. Wish I could say the food and the service was terrific but, for a silver service restaurant, it disappointed in the service department...

Our waiter (may have been a maitre'd but not so sure) was the fly in the ointment right at the outset, and thankfully he stayed away from us for the rest of the night. Say you arrive at a silver service restaurant, what do you expect? Yes, *service*! Proper service, the kind that you're paying for. Did it ruin the night? Yes, for me, it did. Food was sumptious, the other wait staff were all very much silver standard, but the bad taste lingered for days...

When we placed our order I apparently committed some grave error which our Vietnamese waiter couldn't forgive, by letting Trish order for herself. Apparently in some benighted minds women should still be walking a regulation ten paces behind their lords and masters, and apparently silver service is one of those places where those minds hold sway.

Trish order her meal - and asked for chinese tea - and the guy just exploded away from the table, and I actually had to recall him to the table to place my order. I asked him for a recommendation but apparently social skills are also not part of his silver service repertoire, so a chance to recover from his rudeness was not used, and I placed my order as well. Then had to stop him running away before I'd placed a drinks order...

On top of that, he did not place the orders for either the tea or the wine, this was apparently beneath his station in life, so we had to order both of those again. This despite trish repeating her order twice, and me calling him back especially to order a glass of wine.

How can any meal taste good after that much rudeness and ignorance? Yes the food was well prepared and beautifully presented but I'm sorry I don't really want to talk about that now. I really recommend they find at least one better staff member.

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