Thursday, 25 January 2007

Hehehe The Petrol Price Shuffle

She said "you have to admit you're powerless to control petrol companies" but we know what she meant to say to Graham Samuel (ACCC)...

Look - I stand by my claim that our government is the most nutless government in the history of the world, bar none. I have to admit that Mr Samuel's cojones are well and truly useless against petrol companies, and I have to say that his straight-faced backflipping and egg-dancing and denials that he'd ever beaten his chest ("the statements WE made..." rather than taking the applause himself, how selfless of him) have now ranked him as the highest falsetto in our generally useless and inefficient government choir.

And on that note, I know I indulge in rather a lot of Howard bashing, (well, he DOES make himself almost as easy a target as George Bush,) but I have to hand the Golden Gonad Award to him for his statements on the Big Day Out "pseudo-ban" on the Australian Flag. And I take my hat off to all the young people who took a flag to the BDO, and stuck it to Ken West and the BDO pack of politically apologetic mismanagers.

And now I am watching the detox your house segment on A Current Affair (yes Penelope some people still watch it, hello everyone at Swan Television STW9 Perth!) and I have to say that our house is halfway there already - look, please get a copy of my book The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook for yourself. If you can't afford it please leave me an email and I'll mail you a copy - the principles are the same whether it's food or drink or junkfood or cleaning products or beauty products - and it's all in these books.

Basically, look around yourself. Why are there so many health and diet books all touting this one thing, detoxifying your life and using body and Earth friendly products? It's because there is this HUGE discrepancy between what our bodies can digest and what manufacturers wish they could. I'm happy to let my book go out free to readers of the blog, as long as it changes your habits, be it slightly or extremely. I want you as my readers for years to come. It's an E-book so there's no shipping or postage involved, just email me okay? I mean, I need the income but I'm willing to forego it for my readers and acquaintances. And if you have any web programming skills you may even be able to help me with the website, and get on the way to fame and glory....

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